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Geass Rules & Template

Post by Code Geass RP Admin on Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:48 am

Geass Rules & Template
All characters have the chance to obtain and use a Geass. Here we use a dice roll system in this process. The dice roll is an entirely randomized process and is determined by chance. Below outlines the specific procedures of the Geass Dice Roll.

Geass Dice Roll
When you apply for a Geass, a member of staff will activate the dice roll. The roll will give a single number that determines if you have been granted a Geass. You must get a number within a certain range to obtain the Geass. The range will increase proportionally based on when and how you apply.

  • If you wish to start off with a Geass, you must roll a number that is between 0-15
  • If you apply for a Geass later on, you must roll a number that is between 0-45
  • This range will increase depending on the quality of you Geass Application (see below)
  • If applying for a starter Geass and you do not get it, you must wait until you have 100 In-Character Posts before applying again.
  • If applying for a geass later on and you do not get one, you must wait until you have 20 more In-Character Posts before applying again.

Quality of Application
The quality of your application can increase the range of numbers that allow you to get a Geass. The quality is based on creativity, originality and history (how you gained the Geass). A score anywhere from 5-30 can be added to your application.


[b][u]Character Name:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Character Application Link:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Geass Name:[/u][/b] (i.e. The Power of Absolute Obedience)
[b][u]Geass Description:[/u][/b] (please be as detailed as possible here)
[b][u]Geass Drawback:[/u][/b] (each Geass has a weakness, or shortcoming, what is yours?)
[b][u]History[/u][/b] (how was this obtained? Please incorporate the site Immortals and their back stories)
No canon abilities (from the show) should be used.

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